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Statement adopted by AKSE and EAJS on racism in COVID19 Times



Election of the new EAJS Council

The EAJS is inviting nominations for the election of the EAJS Council for the years 2020-2023.



Call for bids for the site of the 17th EAJS International Conference in 2023



History of the EAJS: Honorary Members

The only honour which the EAJS can bestow is that of Honorary Membership, and the distinguished members who have received this were:

Current Honorary Members


Augustin Berque, France

Adriana Boscaro, Italy

Joseph Kreiner, Germany

Eduard Klopfenstein, Switzerland

Olof Lidin, Denmark

Mikolaj Melanowicz, Poland

Ian Nish, United Kingdom

Jacqueline Pigeot, France

Brian Powell, United Kingdom

Arthur Stockwin, United Kingdom


Deceased Honorary Member

Charles Haguenauer, France (1896–1976)

Martin Ramming, Germany (1899–1988)

Frank J. Daniels, United Kingdom (1900–1983)

Alexander Slawik, Austria (1900–1997)

Fosco Maraini, Italy (1912–2004)

Charles Dunn, United Kingdom (1915–1995)

Wiesław Kotański, Poland (1915–2005)

Frits Vos, The Netherlands (1918–2000)

Louis Allen, United Kingdom (1922–1991)

Bruno Lewin, Germany (1924–2012)

Olof Lidin, Denmark (1926-2008)