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16th EAJS International Conference 2020: Call for Convenor Nominations

The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) invites nominations for section convenors for the 16th EAJS International Conference to be held in Ghent, Belgium from 26 to 29 August 2020.

EAJS International Conferences are held triennially and provide unique networking opportunities for scholars working in the field of Japanese Studies and related disciplines. The last EAJS International Conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2017, was attended by 1,200 participants from 42 countries, making it one of the major academic events in the field of Japanese Studies and East Asian Studies in the world.

More information about previous EAJS International Conferences is available below.

For its 2020 conference, EAJS seeks convenors for the following sections:

  • Urban, Regional and Environmental Studies
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Modern Literature
  • Pre-modern Literature
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Economics, Business and Political Economy
  • History
  • Religion and Religious Thought
  • Intellectual History and Philosophy
  • Politics and International Relations


Convenors are in charge of and responsible for organizing their respective sections at the next EAJS International Conference. This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Drafting a call for papers for their section;
  • Selecting the papers and panels to be presented in their section;
  • Acting as representative of their section in liaison with the EAJS office, the local organization committee, and the speakers and participants in their section;
  • Establishing a provisional program for their section and sharing it with the local organizer;
  • Communicating with the local organizers about the necessary practical arrangements for their section;
  • Presenting a brief summary of the section’s activities at the EAJS General Meeting on the last day of the conference;
  • Submitting a written report for publication on the EAJS website and in the EAJS Bulletin.


EAJS members may self-nominate or be nominated by other EAJS members. Nominated candidates must not have served as convenors at the last two EAJS International Conferences in 2014 and 2017. All section convenors must be paid-up members of the EAJS.

To submit nominations, please send a short paragraph about the nominee (max. 100 words). If you nominate yourself, please send a short statement of interest (max. 100 words) and a short CV (one page) to office@eajs.eu by 14 July 2019.

The EAJS Council will consider all nominations and will select section convenors. Selected candidates will be notified by the EAJS office by mid-July at the latest.

For further information please contact us at office@eajs.eu.


Previous EAJS International Conferences

EAJS conferences have been held at the following places:

  • Lisbon, Portugal, 2017
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014
  • Tallinn, Estonia, 2011
  • Lecce/Italy, 2008
  • Vienna/Austria, 2005
  • Warsaw/Poland, 2003
  • Lahti/Finland, 2000
  • Budapest/Hungary, 1997
  • Copenhagen/Denmark, 1994
  • Berlin/Germany, 1991
  • Durham/UK, 1988
  • Paris/France, 1985
  • The Hague/Netherlands, 1982
  • Florence/Italy, 1979
  • Zurich/Switzerland, 1976
  • London/UK, 1973

Conference reports are available here.

The next EAJS International Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017. These events are a good opportunity to meet and talk with a wide range of scholars in the field of Japanese studies from different European countries and Japan. Outstanding scholars from Japan are usually invited as guest speakers and give an overview of recent developments in their special field of interest.