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New Job Announcement:

Professor in Japanese Studies, The University of Melbourne



New Job Announcement:

[Deadline: November 15th] Assistant Professor in Japanese or Korean Art History or Architectural History at The University of British Columbia



New Call for Papers announcement:

Conference: "Japan and Europe in Global Communication"



New Exhibition announcement:

"Namban lacquer: Japan remained in Spain. 400 years after the Keichô Embassy".



New Japanese Conference announcement:

2013 Conference of the International Association for Japanese Studies (IAJS)



As of May 6th 2013, the EAJS Office has a new address.


EAJS Publications: Bulletin

The EAJS publishes a Bulletin once a year covering information on the organization itself, on other Japan related institutions, on forthcoming events in the field of Japanese Studies throughout Europe, on recent publications (also in languages other than English) and with summaries of conferences and other meetings. Membership fees include the EAJS Bulletin.

The kind of newsletter the Bulletin of the EAJS represents, is not only a publication for members but by members, and depends to some degree on the participation of members and co-operating institutions and associations. Furthermore, it should be a platform for scientific discussions on topics in the field of Japanese Studies to give an opportunity for mutual exchange when a meeting in person is not possible, and to promote contact between scholars in different countries.

The following list provides the first pages (TOCs) of the Bulletins from 2004 onwards. Just click on the desired Bulletin to display its TOC in PDF format.

Complete Bulletin PDFs are reserved for members only and are found in the members' intranet.


Bulletin No. 84 (March 2014)

Bulletin No. 83 (December 2012)

Bulletin No. 82 ( August 2011)

Bulletin No. 81 (June 2010)

Bulletin No. 80 (June 2009)

Bulletin No. 79 (December 2008)

Bulletin No. 78 (August 2008)

Bulletin No. 77 (April 2008)

Bulletin No. 76 (December 2007)

Bulletin No. 75 (July 2007)

Bulletin No. 74 (April 2007)

Bulletin No. 73 (December 2006)

Bulletin No. 72 (June 2006)

Bulletin No. 71 (March 2006)

Bulletin No. 70 (December 2005)

Bulletin No. 69 (July 2005)

Bulletin No. 68 (February 2005)

Bulletin No. 67 (October 2004)

Bulletin No. 66 (June 2004)