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Homepage of EAJS Lisbon Conference 2017 now online



Call for Papers: International EAJS Conference in Lisbon, 2017



Call for Papers: 2017 Tanaka Symposium in Japanese Studies: ‘Literature After 3.11’



Job Announcement: Japan Digital Scholarship Librarian, Harvard University



Job Announcement: University of Cambridge: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Assistant/Associate Professor) in Japanese Literature/Culture



Job Announcement: Assistant Professor in Japanese literature, University of Illinois



Job Announcement: University of Minnesota: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Environmental History



Job Announcement: Assistant professor or associate professor of Japanese early-modern literature, Chiba University



Job Announcement: Open rank search for Japanese literature study at Yale University



Exhibition in Zürich: Itō Shinsui – Nostalgia and Modernity



Exhibition in Krakow, Poland: "Too Pretty to Throw Away: Packaging Design from Japan"



EAJS Japan Conference 2016

The 2nd EAJS Japan Conference will be held at Kobe University on 24 and 25 September 2016.

More details and a Call for Papers will follow later this year.



EAJS Constitutional Change

An extraordinary general meeting convened on 20 April 2015 in Berlin has adopted a revised EAJS constitution.The text can be found at the following link:


The corresponding change in the register of associations has been approved by German court authorities on 4 August 2015.


IN MEMORIAM: Dr. E.G. (Erika) de Poorter

It is with great sadness that the EAJS learns that Dr Erika de Poorter passed away on 21 October 2014. Erika served as the treasurer to the EAJS from 1991 to 1995 and provided invaluable service to the association during an important period in our history. She was also a most regular participant in the EAJS conferences and a staunch supporter of the performing arts section. She will be greatly missed by us all.

Berlin, 17-11-2014

Bjarke Frellesvig, EAJS President

The following obituary was written by our colleagues in Holland, Ivo Smits and Wim Boot.

On October 28, we were informed that our long-time friend and colleague Erika de Poorter had died on October 21, after several years of an unequal struggle against cancer. We loose in her a dear friend, a beloved colleague, and a great scholar.

Erika was born in 1943 in Elsene, in the outskirts of Brussels. She studied Japanese at the University of Ghent, then went to Japan with the usual two-year Monbushō grant where she studied in Osaka and Kyoto. After her return from Japan she came to Leiden, where she finished her studies, did her doctoral examination, and was appointed in 1971 as an assistant of Prof. Dr. F. Vos, teaching Japanese in the Department of Japanese and Korean Studies of Leiden University. She taught there until her retirement in April 2004.

Erika was a specialist of the Japanese theatre, more specifically of Nō, which she studied with Prof. Omote Akira of the Nōgaku Kenkyūjo of Hōsei Daigaku. In June 1983 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on Motoyoshi's Sarugaku Dangi. A description and assessment with an annotated translation. Three years later, it was re-issued under the title Zeami's Talks on Sarugaku (Japonica Neerlandica, vol. 2). She was also involved in organising performances of Japanese Nō groups in The Netherlands, published a number of Dutch translations of Nō and Kyōgen pieces (De Kraanvogel en de schildpad, 1978; "Ukai, de aalscholvervisser," 2010), and a short introduction, also in Dutch, entitled Nō: het klassieke theater van Japan (2001). Her work was not restricted to the Netherlands, however. She also participated in Europe-wide research in the field of the Japanese theatre, as is apparent from her contributions to Maske und Kothurn, "Nō which is no Nō: The Ritual Play 'Okina'" (1989), and to Japanisches Theater: Tradition und Gegenwart, "Sakrale Aspekte im Nō: Schamanismus un Tabu" (1990). After her retirement, Erika translated two of Natsume Sōseki's novels, Kokoro and Mon, into Dutch, which were published in 2013.

Although Erika's specialty was Nō, she was also interested in Kabuki and in the modern Japanese theatre. When it turned out that the tastes of the students ran in that direction, she was also willing to teach classes on Japanese soap series. This resulted in another publication, “De wind uit de hoofdstad: soapseries in Japan” (in Decorum, 2000). As a teacher, she principally taught classical Japanese (literature), including classes on hentai-gana.

Erika was active as a member of the board of the European Association for Japanese Studies (1991-1995). She also served for several years as chair of the Netherlands Association for Japanese Studies (1997-2002).

We gratefully remember her contributions to the study of Japan, to the tuition of our department, and to the running of the university institutions and scholarly associations that form part of Japanese Studies.

Leiden, 31-10-2014

On behalf of the Japan Studies programme, Leiden University
Ivo Smits

On behalf of the Netherlands Association for Japanese Studies
Wim Boot


Announcement of the venue of the 15th International Conference of the EAJS in 2017: Lisbon, Portugal

By the deadline of July 30, 2014, six bids were received to host the 15th International Conference of the EAJS in 2017. All bidders presented their bid to the EAJS Council during the conference in Ljubljana. There was a number of very strong bids, but the Council eventually decided on Lisbon, Portugal, as the venue of the next conference, after carefully scrutinizing and discussing each of the bids.



Announcement on Results of 2014 EAJS Council Election

This summer, all EAJS members were asked to elect the new EAJS Council for 2014-2017. The results are as follows:


Prof Dr Bjarke FRELLESVIG                                                             178 votes
Blank                                                                                                     20

Prof Dr Bjarke FRELLESVIG is elected.


Prof Dr Verena BLECHINGER-TALCOTT                                           184 votes
Blank                                                                                                     14

Prof Dr Verena BLECHINGER-TALCOTT is elected.


Dr Laura MORETTI                                                                           173 votes
Blank                                                                                                       25

Dr Laura MORETTI is elected.

Candidates for the Extended Council

Prof Dr John BREEN                                                                           24 votes
Dr Andrea GERMER                                                                           21 votes
Prof Dr Andrej BEKEŠ                                                                        15 votes
Prof Dr Michael KINSKI                                                                    
  15 votes
Prof Dr Urs Matthias ZACHMANN                                                        15 votes
Dr Anna ANDREEVA                                                                          14 votes
Prof Dr Raji C. STEINECK                                                                   14 votes
Dr Nataša VISOČNIK                                                                         14 votes
Dr Dick STEGEWERNS                                                                     13 votes
Dr Jan SÝKORA                                                                                10 votes
Dr Kristin SURAK                                                                                8 votes
Prof Dr Ellen VAN GOETHEM                                                              6 votes
Prof Dr Yulia MIKHAILOVA                                                                  6 votes
Prof Dr Dimitry STRELTSOV                                                                5 votes
Dr Georg SIPOS                                                                                 4 votes
Prof Dr Anca FOCSENEANU                                                               3 votes
Blank                                                                                                       1

According to the constitution, the extended Council may consist of up to six members. Because a parity of votes occurred, the then president of the EAJS, Professor Rein RAUD, based on Paragraph 6 (4) of the EAJS constitution, cast his decisive vote for the candidate Dr. Anna ANDREEVA. Therefore, Dr Anna ANDREEVA, Prof Dr Andrej BEKEŠ, Prof Dr John BREEN, Dr Andrea GERMER, Prof Dr Michael KINSKI and Prof Dr Urs Matthias ZACHMANN are elected.


 If you would like to post a news announcement, please contact the EAJS office.